Cheese King Italian 
The Valley of the Sun's Real Italian Food Distributor since 1987

Product List

Below you will find our product list. We are always getting new items in so this list is subject to change. Please email us or call us 602-943-4775 with questions, to place an order, or for updated product information.

Product List


CH01            Imported Romano Wheel

CH02            Imported Reggiano ¼

CH03            Imported Grana Padano ¼

CH04            Domestic Parmesan

CH05            Reggenito Cheese

CH06            Grated Parmesan Domestic

CH07            Grated Romano Imported

CH08            Sierra Whole Milk Mozzerella

CH09            Fresh Mozzarella (2x3)

CH10            Ricotta Cheese 6/5# TLC

CH11            Fresh Mozzarella Curd

CH12            Ricotta Salatta

CH13             Domestic Provolone Polly-O

CH14            Imported Provolone

CH15            Imported Mascarpone

CH16            Domestic Mascarpone

CH17            Imported Goat Cheese

CH18            Imported Locatelli Romano

CH19            Asiago Wheel

CH20            Imported Danish Fontina

CH21            Creamy Gorgonzola Italian Imported

CH22            Crumbly Gorgonzola Domestic

CH23            Renero Pecorino

CH24            Greek Feta Imported

CH25            Roccollo

CH26            Marzolino

CH27            Peppato Nero

CH28            Peppato Rosso

CH29            Boshetto di Tartuffo

CH30            Smoked Sacamorza Imported

CH31            Piave

CH32            Pecorino Renero

CH33            Mugellano

CH34            Impastata (Polly-O)

CH35            Cryovac Logs (Polly-O)

CH36             Ciliegini Mozzarella

CH37            Polly-O Part Skim Milk Mozzarella

CH38            Sierra Mozzarella Whole

CH39            Montebello Mozzarella

CH40            Burrata (Pre-Order Required)

CH41            Boschetto di Tartufo

CH42            Smoked Scarmozza

CH43            Domestic Mascarpone

CH44            100% Grated Parmesan

CH45            100% Pure Romano

CH46            Italian Style Ricotta 8 pack

CH47            Italian Style Ricotta 6 pack

CH48             Single Imported Goat Cheese

CH49            Taleggio Cheese

CH50            Polly-O Ricotta Single

CH51            Imported Parmigiano Reggiano

CH52            Fontal Italian Fontina

CH53            Baby Smoked Italian Scamorza

CH54            Emma Imported Mascarpone

CH55            Cacciota Con Pepe Nero

CH56            Grated Parmesan Romano

CH57            Caccio di Roma

CH58            Copper Kettle Imported Parmesan Wheels Aged


Dry Goods


DG01            Imported Capers 6qt

DG02            Imported Anchovy Filets

DG03            Spanish Artichoke ¼’s

DG04            Artichoke Hearts

DG05            Sliced Black Olives

DG06            Red Wine Vinegar 2.5lt Italian

DG07            Balsamic Vinegar 2.5lt Italian

DG08            Sliced Mushrooms Imported

DG09            Pine Nuts

DG10            Julienne Sun Dried Tomatoes

DG11            Imported Porcini Grade A(1ct)

DG12            Roasted Red Peppers

DG13            Hearts of Palm (12-28ct)

DG14            Savoiardi (12ct large)

DG15            Cannellini Beans Imported

DG16            Cannoli Cream

DG17            Large Cannoli Shells 60 ct

DG18            Mini Cannoli Shells 120 ct

DG19            Kalamatta Olives

DG20            Sicilian Musco Olives

DG21            Stogliatelle (60ct)

DG22            Pitted Kalamatta Olives

DG23            Saffron

DG24            Arborio Rice Imported

DG25            Imported Pepperoncini

DG26            Italian Tono (small)

DG27            Dry Cured Morrocan Olives

DG28            Baby Clams (24-10oz)

DG29            Italian Pitted Assorted Olive Medley

DG30            Polenta Italian

DG31            Chocolate Cannoli Shells

DG32            Large 6#10 Roasted Red Peppers

DG33            Semolina Flour

DG34            Sea Salt Fine Italian 5 gallon

DG35            Sea Salt Coarse Italian

DG36            Kalamatta Pitted 1 kilo

DG37            Kalamatta Pitted 10 kilo

DG38            Italian Anchovies 28oz

DG39            White Balsamic 2-5 liter

DG40            Balsamic Vinegar

DG41            Lemon Italian Sodas

DG42            Cerignolla Olives 2 pails

DG43            Italian Tono Large 12-6oz

DG44            Italian Tono 2-3lb

DG45            Ba Ba Rum

DG46            Savoiardi Small

DG47            Large Cannoli Shells 60 ct

DG48            Italian Artichokes ¼’s

DG49            South American Artichokes

DG50            Italian Grilled Eggplant

DG51            Italian Grilled Artichokes

DG52            Roman Artichokes Italian Imported

DG53            Orange Italian Sodas

DG54            Chinotto Italian Sodas

DG55            Red Bitters

DG56            1 Liter Galvani Sparkling Water

DG57            1 Liter Galvani Flat Water

DG58            7oz Galvani Sparkling Water

DG59            7oz Galvani Flat Water

DG60            Red Wine Vinegar 12 lt

DG61            Grosinni Breadsticks Italian

DG62            Whole Sun Dried Tomatoes Italian

DG63            Recca White Anchovies Italian

DG64            Amaretti Cookies

DG65            Italian Salted Capers

DG66            Milk Chocolate Italian

DG67            Dark Chocolate Italian

DG68            Colombas di Pasqua Desserts

DG69            Italian Eggs Dark Chocolate

DG70            Italian Eggs Milk Chocolate

DG71            Torta Pasquale Albico

DG72            Calabrese Style Olives

DG73            Castelvetranno Olives

DG74            Mostarda di Fruta

DG75            Large Escargot 12-28oz

DG76            Paccheri Pasta

DG77            Carnaroli Riso

DG78            Italian Mediterranean Pitted Olive Medley


Frozen Pastas


FP01            Jumbo Cheese Ravioli

FP02            Chicken and Spinach Tortellini

FP03            Frozen Pasta Sheets (Egg noodle)

FP04            Spinach Florentine Ravioli

FP05            Angelotti, Porcini & Cheese

FP06            Angelotti, Chicken and Prosciutto

FP07            Butternut Squash Ravioli Jumbo

FP08            Lobster Seafood Ravioli Jumbo

FP09            PC Crabmeat Agnolotti

FP10            PC Carmelized Onion Ravioli

FP11            PC Beef Bolognese Ravioli

FP12            PC Striped 4 Cheese Ravioli

FP13            Prosciuttio Fontina Sachetti

FP14            PC Large Round Portabello Ravioli

FP15            PC Spin, Gorgonzola Ravioli

FP16            PC Meat Tortellini

FP17            PC Cheese Five Tortelloni Jumbo

FP18            PC Mushroom Tortelloni

FP19            Veal & Beef Tortellacci

FP20            Butternut Tortellacci

FP21            John’s Gnocchi 12ct

FP22            John’s Cavatelli 12ct

FP23            John’s Cheese Tortellini

FP24            2lb Bag of Cheese Jumbo Ravioli

FP25            2lb Mini Bag Cheese Ravioli

FP26            Jumbo Stuffed Cheese Shells

FP27            Manicotti

FP28            Veal Box Baby Square Ravioli

FP29            Cheese Box Baby Square Ravioli

FP30            Spinach Box Baby Square Ravioli

FP31            Tri Color Tortelloni

FP32            John’s Meat Tortelloni

FP33            Chicken Prosciutto Tortelloni Jumbo

FP34            Chicken Ravioli (#10) 144ct

FP35            Spinach Lasagna 144ct

FP36            Veal Ossombucco Ravioli

FP37            Broccolini and Sausage Ravioli Jumbo

FP38            Truffle Cheese Borsetti Jumbo

FP39            Roasted Eggplant Ravioli

FP40            Squid Ink Lobster Ravioli

FP41            Sundried Tomato Mascarpone Ravioli Medium


Meat Products


ME01            Import Ham 12#

ME02            Sienna Pancetta Lean

ME03            Italian Parma Prosciutto

ME04            Italian Prosciutto Type B

ME05            Hot Cappicolla

ME06            Hot Sopressata Large

ME07            Toscano Salami

ME08            Genova Salami

ME09            Baby Mortadella

ME10            Italian Mortadella Imported

ME11            Breasolla

ME12            Coppa Cappicollo

ME13            Mild Link Italian Sausage

ME14            Hot Link Italian Sausage

ME15            Hot Bulk Italian Sausage

ME16            Speck Italian Prosciutto

ME17            Parma Cotto Berretta

ME18            Calabrese Soppersatta

ME19            Parma Prosciutto

ME20            Italian San Daniele Prosciutto

ME21            Serrano Ham (Spanish)

ME22            Molinari Pancetta

ME23            Sppressatta Chubs

ME24            Domestic Mortadella

ME25            Hot Calabrese Salami

ME26            Parma Cotto Label

ME27            Mild Sopressata Large

ME28            Domestic WB Mortedella with Pistachio

ME29            Domestic WB Mortedella without Pistachio

ME30            Mild Bulk Italian Sausage

ME31            San Daniele Canadian Boneless Prosciutto Gold Label

ME32            Fiorucci Boneless Prosciutto

ME33            Italian Parma Prosciutto Secco

ME34            Pastrami Navel

ME35            Deli Style Pepperoni

ME36            Black Pepper Salami

ME37            Pancetta San Daniele

ME38            Pancetta Fiorucci




OL01            Pomace Oil 4 gallon

OL02            Extra Virgin Oil 4 gallon

OL03            Extra Virgin Oil 4-3 liter

OL04            Pure Olive Oil 6 gallon

OL05            Salad Oil 5 gallon

OL06            Extra Virgin blend 6 gallon

OL07            Extra Virgin Luglio Gold

OL08            Truffle Oil

OL09            Canola Oil 5 gallon

OL10            Carli Extra Virgin 12-1

OL11            Luglio Extra Virgin Alta Qualita

OL12            Partanna 12-750ml Sicilian

OL13            Partanna 12-500ml Sicilian

OL14            Partanna 4-3 liter Sicilian

OL15            Partanna 12-1 liter Sicilian

OL16            Pomace Oil 6 Gallon

OL17            Pure Olive Oil

OL18            Extra Virgin 6 gallon

OL19             Farchioni Extra Virgin

OL20            Farchioni DOP Toscano

OL21            Umbria Extra Virgin DOP Unfiltered




PA01            Egg Fettucine Nests De Cecco

PA02            Wagon Wheels De Cecco

PA03            Riscossa Cappellini

PA04            Riscossa Fettucine

PA05            Riscossa Spaghettini

PA06            Riscossa Spaghetti

PA07            Riscossa Linguine Fine

PA08            Riscossa Linguine

PA09            Riscossa Elicodali

PA10            Riscossa Penne Lisce

PA11            Riscossa Penne Rigate

PA12            Riscossa Spinach Fettucine

PA13            Riscossa Farfalle

PA14            Riscossa Import Lasagna

PA15            Riscossa Dittalini

PA16            Riscossa Orzo

PA17            Riscossa Fusili

PA18            Riscossa Shells

PA19            Costa Lasagna

PA20            Orrichiette

PA21            Papardelle De Cecco

PA22            Fusilli Col Bucco

PA23            Cavatappi 20-1#

PA24            Rotelle Pasta

PA25            Serpenti Pasta

PA26            Spinach De Cecco Egg Fettucine

PA27             De Cecco Rigatoni

PA28            Bulk Spaghetti

PA29            Whole Wheat Spaghetti

PA30            Creste Di Gallo Pasta

PA31            ½ Gomiti Elbow Pasta

PA32            DeCecco Bulk Cappellini

PA33            DeCecco Bulk Spaghetti

PA34            DeCecco Bulk Linguini

PA35            DeCecco Bulk Linguini Fini

PA36            DeCecco Bulk Fettucine

PA37            DeCecco Bulk Ziti

PA38            DeCecco Bulk Penne Rigati

PA39            DeCecco Bulk Orrichiette

PA40            DeCecco Bulk Farfalle

PA41            DeCecco Bulk Fussilli



Tomato Products


TM01            Tomato Filets

TM02            Alta Cucina Pear Tomatoes

TM03            Saporita Pizza Sauce

TM04            Full Red Puree

TM05            Pomorolla Signature Sauce Tomato

TM06            Valoroso Pear Tomatoes

TM07            Tomatoes Crushed

TM08            Fiore di Agosto Italian Tomatoes

TM09            Full Red Chunky Tomatoes

TM10            Tomato Magic

TM11            Saporito Super Heavy Puree

TM12            Tomato Magic

TM13            Saporito Pizza Sauce

TM14            Label B Italian Tomatoes

TM15            Tomato Small Can

TM16            Italian Regina di San Marzano Tomatoes

TM17            Italian Retail D.O.P. Tomatoes


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